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SBS 2011 Resized OS Partition

tmendez2 asked
I had an installation of SBS 2011 on a 250GB partition.  I tried to make more space on the disk by shrinking the operating system volume to 130GB with disk management.  When I try to restart the server, I am getting error messages that windows could not start up correctly.  I tried using the windows repair disk to repair the startup, but even after repairing, I still cannot get the server to boot up.  I cannot boot into safe mode either.  Any suggestions?
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Buy larger HDDs in case you already were on Raid1 at least (2x 1 TB) rebuild the server on the new Raid array - disk space chasing at this day and age with HDDs as cheap as they are now is a result of poor planing and/or missed disk space need expectations. Once you have the server built back up you can mount the original disks and possibly retrive vital data from them still.

DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity Engineer

without rebuilding????
how many HDD 1?

remove it and place behind another drive in a different PC/Client
change the drive size back to it original

50/50 chance in my experience


There are 3 disks in RAID 5.  I tried extending the original partition using diskpart, but I am still have no luck getting it to boot.  Is my best bet to reinstall the OS?
Distinguished Expert 2018
Your best option is to restore a backup. Barring that, yes, re-install and plan for some pain in recovering data.

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