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ASP Classic: Submit button not working in Crome. OK in IE and Firefox

morten444 asked
I need some help with my ASP Classic form on this page: http://www.freiwillig-in-afrika.de

I have read different thinsg in forums  but hard to relate to some of it as I am not a programmer and it goes above my head..

Can anyone have a look
the submit line is as below

It submits to a database and that part works in IE and Firefox but in Crome it just opens the local email application as to send a mail in stead

Any idears if I can make a small alternation of this line so it works in Crome as well?

<a href="mailto:tina@xxxxxxx.org">
	    <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Submit    "tabindex="15" name="Submit"></a>

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Normalerweise wird der Submit-Button nicht mit einem E-Mail Link hinterlegt.
Ich würde zuerst den Submit Button vom Link befreien und dann sehen, ob es in Chrome passt.
Auch der Abstand bei Value sollte entfernt werden -->

<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Submit" tabindex="15" name="Submit">

HainKurtSr. System Analyst

"It submits to a database " ???

maybe a simple button

<button name=submit type=submit>Submit</button>

simple input

<input name=submit value=submit type=submit>

simple a with js

<a href="javascript:document.forms[0].submit()">submit</a>

You're missing the " after Submit, IE and FF might allow it but Chrome probably is being strict. The line should be:
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Submit" tabindex="15" name="Submit">

also, importantly, ensure you are opening and closing the <form> tag correctly, this is frequently the cause of submits acting differently across the browsers.

/ Tobzzz
Aurelian ConstantinProgrammer-analyst

Your code:
<input value="Submit    " tabindex="15" name="Submit" type="SUBMIT">

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has trailing spaces in the Submit value input button. Remove them and you get the right code:

<input value="Submit" tabindex="15" name="Submit" type="SUBMIT">

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