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Cannot Send Email Exchange 2010

I am Running SBS 2011 Std with Exchange 2010.  I am unable to send email within the company nor accross the internet.  I created a Send Connector with Address Space *.  It was working then just stopped.  

Any help would be appreciated.

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Dan ArseneauDevOps Engineer

Check the services. Maybe you ran out of disk space. Did you add the server name to the Source Servers tab?
Distinguished Expert 2018
Why did you create a send connector?!? Since Exchange with SBS expects there to be no edge server, they designed the wizard to create all of the conenctors for you. Manually creating a connector is both unnecessary *and* can actually break things.

My recommendation; delete the connector(s). Run the fix my network wizard. That should recerate them as required. If not, run the Internet Address Wizard then the Fix My Network Wizard.

When you are done, downloading and running the SBS BPA wouldn't be a bad idea either.


Hi D,

Do you have any NDR message when you send out the e-mails? Can check in your Exchange Management Console -> Queue viewer? Are there any e-mails inside the queue and which queue is it?

In Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Accepted Domains, what is listed there?
Delete the Connector you created indeed and either restart the machine or just the Information store and Transport services. It should regain functionality.

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