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marian68 asked
Hi guys,
In a report I have a graph with more of 6 fields, in fact I will have 12 fields, 1 for each month of the fiscal year(april-march). Every month 1 field will be added to my chart. For each field I have a label expressed as value.
The problem is that in design view I can see only 5 fields even though in print view I can see all the fields but I can not format my labels.
So the question is how could format the labels belonging to the fields I can not see in design view or how could see all my fields in design view.
Thank you
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I don't have a copy of Access 2003 to test, but I believe I know what you are referring to. If you don't use the wizard, a MS Graph chart object starts out with mock data inside. When you connect its Rowsource property and open it in Form View, the sample data is swapped for the actual data.

It sounds like your graph's sample data is the wrong size for your real data. With the form/report in design view, right click the Chart control and choose Open. View the Data Sheet if it is not showing yet. In the data sheet, add sample data for the missing rows / columns -- make sure you've got all the months covered. Form here you can add data labels and change data label formats. Then, in Microsoft Graph, go to File->Update.
This should save the formatting changes to the Graph object as displayed in the Access Form/report. Then File->Exit and return to <object>




Thank you HTH
It worked but I was expecting to find a way to do this automatically.
Thank you again

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