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Slowness issue with Thin Clients

hamel01 asked
We have off site branches that are connect back to our main site via either a Frame connection or T1's.  We have recently moved over to Server 2008R2 and new C10E thin Clients.  Since the change our remote offices have been complainign about speed issues.  After reviewing it with some of them it appears that they are running on Dialup.  Screens are very slow to refresh, web pages load picture by picture.  Our main office doesn't have these issues so I am assuming it is connection related.  For instance one branch has a T1 and has 5 TC users.  I am figureing 92k per session so I am way under the 1.544mb even with voip traffic and other things.  Are there tunning options that can be done on the server to help this?  We didn't have these issues with 2003. Any help would be great!

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Can you please check the GPO setting:
"Set compression algorithm for RDP data"
Note: Normally this needs an "At least Windows Vista with Service Pack 1"....not sure if you can use this for your thin clients

Remote Session Environment


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