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Windows Server 2007 Cannot Find DLL

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have a 3rd party program (TradeStation 9.0) that loads my custom DLL. The DLL is a standard Windows DLL, not an activex. Both the program and DLL are 32-bit.

Everything works fine on 20 different computers. However, on one particular Windows Standard Server 2007, the program reports "Cannot find DLL". I have checked and the DLL is in the correct folder "SysWow64". I have also experimented by placing the DLL in the "Windows" folder as well as the folder where TradeStation is executed.  

I even have tested the DLL using a small test exe, placed the exe in the same folder as TradeStation, and run the exe. It loads and runs the DLL without any problems on the server.

I suspect that the TradeStation exe somehow does not have permission to load the DLL. I have given the "Users" FULL permissions for the DLL.  The problem prevails.

Please help!
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Windows Standard Server 2007?? or Windows 2008?

IMO, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the 3rd party application on this server from the administrative previlege?

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