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NT PDC Failure

When attempting to launch both User Manager and Server Manager from the PDC in Windows NT4.0, I receive the following error: 'Could not find domain controller for this domain. Do you want to select another domain to administer? I have no BDC server. Additionally, I cannot ping to the PDC from any workstation using the computer name, but I can ping to the PDC using its IP. I also ran netdom query on the PDCand got the following message
Querying domain information on computer \\Server_PDC
Computer \\Server_PDC is a domain controller for MYDOMAIN
Searching PDC for domain MYDOMAIN
Could not find domain controller for this domain

My network users are able to work of the network, log in and access network shares, but i cannot add new users, join other computers to the network....HELP PLEASE
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not to good with nt but i can give it a shot....

give me more info to work with.. what is the exact domain name does it have any dots in the name do you have dns do you have wins  can you ping on the network via machine name. what is your ip scheme.

Lets try and get you up and running !

I guess you have problems with the NETLOGON service, which in turn is dependent upon the network on the server it self. So it indicates you have some kind of network problems, maybe with IP's or with WINS/NetBIOS. It has been over 10 years since I was working with NT 4.0, and I would very strongly recommend at least to make the server virtual in case you have not already done it.

Can you ping the server IP address from the server it self? And from other clients? Can you ping localhost on the server?

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