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Adding images to magento


Im having difficulty adding images to magento.

Ok i cleared cache etc to begin afresh. When adding a new image i get this error:
Image type and information need to be specified for each store view.

To resolve this i recursively set all /media/ and below to 0777 (owner root)

This then allows me to add the images (apparently).

After this i navigate to the shop and the images dont appear. In fact they have not uploaded.

The problem seems to be this:

To begin with all folders are set yo 777 and owner root | root
Then when new images are added, a new folder is created with owner astridandmiyu | psacln
It appears that magento cant then upload images to the new folder with the new owner|group combination.

Im totally stuck on how to proceed... I have noticed a conf file in VHOST that specifies:
SuexecUserGroup         astridandmiyu psacln

However when i try to edit this it gives the whole site a internal server erro....

Any suggestions? Im losing my mind!

For info im running magento on centos server.


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The user:group on the folders should be the user that the webroot exists in, not root. change that and then make sure that the media directory has 777 permission recursively.

"Image type and information need to be specified for each store view." This is a general message from magento. It is not an error message.


That did the trick. I had tried this previously, which resulted in my getting some magento error and not showing the theme. Thus in the past i reverted backj to root|root. However, i made some changes as per some article which included adding a temp dir, and editing a config file and that error went away...

The problem was with my machine using SuExec, it doesnt allow a super user (root) to run script files.


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