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How do you setup a external Exchange mail server address in the internal DNS?

I have an Exchange mail server "owa.domain.com" that is accessible via the web with the External IP address for the mail server.     I also want the Internal users to also access the mail server by that name also.    So how to I set it up properly on my Internal DNS service.    
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DevOps Engineer
If your internal DNS domain name is the same as the external, just add the 'A' (host) record to DNS with the internal IP. Here:

Internal domain.com
external domain.com - Add A record to DNS (or even a CNAME will work) that points to your CAS Array or single CAS host.

Internal domain.local
external domain.com - Add a new Zone called domain.com, then add the A record for your CAS.

Now by adding the new zone, you need to be aware of any other external IPs that you may have to compensate for.  For example, if you have www.domain.com, then you will need to enter that external IP to the new internal zone.

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