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File/Folder/Share Permission Question

I have two security groups and I am wanting to accomplish the following. How can I do it?

Group A needs to be able to only read documents created by members of Group B. Group A should be able to still create documents/edit their documents/etc but not be able to read/edit any other group A members documents.
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Senior CyberSecurity Engineer
2 separate folder and then set advanced permissions
\refering each group individually
hirenvmajithiyaManager (System Administration)

Create two folders. One for group A and other for group B.
Now on Group B folder, give full permission for group B and read-only permission for group A.

Now, create subfolders in group A folder by the name of members and set the permission on those subfolders for group A members.
You can use advance security, if needed.

You didn't mention any rights regarding Group B, so i assume that group B have full rights to any files.

+ Create Folder B, grant full control for Group B , and read-only for group A.

+ Create a "Folder A". we will make each user from group A can only read/write to his/her own files.
On the advanced security permissions, remove all inherited rights on Folder A.
-Add "Group B" and give it complete Full Control on the folder.
-Add "Creator Owner"(CO) and set it to apply to 'Subfolders and files only'. Select 'Full Control', then unchecked 'Delete Subfolders and Files', so CO has all allow permissions, but not 'Delete Subfolders & Files'.
-Add "Group A" , apply it for "This folder, subfolders and file". Allow only the following permissions 'Traverse Folder, List Folder, Read Attributes, Read Extended Attributes, Create Files, Create Folders'
That should be enough to make each user of A can only access his/her own documents.
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So simple that I can't believe that I missed it!

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