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Exchange 2007 Resource Mailbox Reporting

If I have a building of 20 rooms, what is the recommended way to set up the resource mailboxes?

I need to report to a facilities coordinator the weekly schedule for these rooms.

Any recommendations?

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IMO, weekly schedule for these rooms, could be found @ the send-items of these resource-mailboxes

You may need to look-out for just the Accepted\Confirmed booking request alone to begin with.
Looks like a hassle for a user.  They are trying to use it as a full resource app.
If planning for an full blown application
--> Can try and read the calendar folder items and then interpret the same for the results
--> Else we have to keep an eye on the response to collect the responses

Other options:
You can use the following tool to get the details about the outbound mails on the exchange 2007

Exchange Server 2007 Process Tracking Log Tool

Process Tracking Log tool for Exchange Server 2007

(not sure if you can drill deep into the levels of any particular mailbox!)


User decided to keep metrics in Excel.  They'll be using a shared calendar instead of resource calendars since the number of resources exceeds 100 locations.


ok to close

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