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Is there a secure voice and chat program with the ability to block copying of text?

JHMarshIII asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I'm looking for a secure audio and chat client/server that prevents the user from copying the text on the screen.  Or a collaboration space that allows user to post message but not copy them.  Does anyone know of such a solution?  We want to have virtual board meetings that can't be recorded.
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Dear JHMarschIII,

There is no such audio and chat client/server which prevents the user from copying text displayed on, off the screen!
It is impossible to 100% prevent "copying", as "copying" does not rule out "print screen"/"screen dump", a photo of the screen using a camera (which practically is in any cellphone these days) or even writing down on a piece of paper.

You can maybe achieve some of what you want, by using any simple chat client (like "Microsoft Messenger"), and on top of that e.g. a solution like the McAfee DLP (Data Loss Prevention, http://www.mcafee.com/us/products/data-protection/data-loss-prevention.aspx).
I'd recommend you contact a McAfee representative close to your location and ask how they can help you with your desire.

Kind regards,

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