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Key replacement

Hi All,

I am working on a module at this moment using which we are planning to generate dynamic text on the pages accroing to stored values in the databse. So  that would be something like Key-value pair in the databse.

In this case, I have created a table in the back which will hold all the Key-value pairs in the back. All the Aspx pages would have only keys contained at the design time and at the run time it would be replaced by values. according to what is defined in the databse.

But here, I am wondering how would I be able to adentify all the keys on the page? I am not sure what is the industry standard to achieve something like this?

I mean I can use some patter like [key]( with two square brackets) or may be a label control?

any guggestions guys?
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Web Ninja at large
*one* of the industry standards (and probably the most popular) is jSon notation - its used to send data across platforms is key value pairs and there are a lot of libraries out there that can help make using jSon and javascript easy


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