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Exchange 2010 V7

ervolino asked
Gentlemen, after updating my Exchange 2010 with Update Rollup 5, my Outlook is displaying the following message:
Security Alert
The information you exchange with this site can not be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with the site's security certificate.
Follow the alert file in Paint.
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Security Alert
The soluttion for this is you will have to follow microsoft KB

Once you follow this let me know if the issue is resolved
Office 365 & Exchange Architect
Follow the KB article above and change your autodiscoverserviceinternaluri to something that is on the certificate and routable internally.

Check http://www.howexchangeworks.com/2011/07/service-connection-point-scp-in.html to learn how autodiscover works.


Gentlemen, checked all the link information that you sent and noticed that my certificate shows the subject and issuer with the name (CN = WMSvc-COMERCSPFS) and found that my FQDN is the name COMERCSPFS.comerc.local
Can I delete this certificate and create another? Is this the way it is?
Yes you will need a certificcate that is present in all domain connected machines wwith the fqdn.

if you can create a new certificate nothing like that.. if you cant as listed in the kb i have mentioned above (940726) chnage the internal uri to match the one present in the certificate and change DNS entries


All comments were very helpful!

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