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SSRS Specifc Sort Order

normajm400 asked

I'm new to working with SQL, SSRS and Report Builder - Access is my area of experience.  In my first Tablix I need to set up quarters and then months in a specific order - August through July.
I've got everything working except when Q2 is expanded and it doesn't show the months in the order needed



Quarter code:
	When DatePart(month,[Posting Date]) in (8,9,10) then 'Q1'
	When DatePart(month,[Posting Date]) in (11,12,1) then 'Q2'
	When DatePart(month,[Posting Date]) in (2,3,4) then 'Q3'
	Else 'Q4'
End As 'Quarter'

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Order by code:
ORDER BY (CASE WHEN 'MonthVal' = 2 THEN 0 
	When 'MonthVal' = 3 then 1
	When 'MonthVal' = 4 then 2
	When 'MonthVal' = 5 then 3
	When 'MonthVal' = 6 then 4
	When 'MonthVal' = 7 then 5
	When 'MonthVal' = 8 then 6
	When 'MonthVal' = 9 then 7
	When 'MonthVal' = 10 then 8
	When 'MonthVal' = 11 then 9
	When 'MonthVal' = 12 then 10
	When 'MonthVal' = 1 then 11 END)

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When I try to add the following code to Order by
,(CASE WHEN 'Month Name' LIKE 'February' then 0
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'March' then 1
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'April' then 2
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'May' then 3
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'June' then 4
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'July' then 5
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'August' then 6
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'September' then 7
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'October' then 8
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'November' then 9
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'December' then 10
	When 'Month Name' LIKE 'January' then 11 END)

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I get the following error: A constant expression was encountered in the ORDER BY list, position 2.

I know I should set this up as a function or something similar so I can reuse it, but I would like to get this working just for this first report.

Suggestions please...

Thank you.
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You actually used constant 'Month Name'  it doesn't change so order by is useless therefore you get the error. You probably want to use field name here.



Because of your helpful comment, I had to rethink this.  What I did was create a Select/Case statement named MonthSort that reassigned a number to the months in the order needed, then used that in the Sort by field in the column group properties.  Worked perfectly.

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