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Need help managing a SCCM Collection

I'm trying to find a way to dynamically maintain a collection in SCCM. The issue is this...I have a list of computers that I need to add to a collection (about 5 or 10) at a time and this entered manually because I can only add them if they are online and respond. After they are added they will receive a large package 1GB+.

After they recieve the package I would like them to be automatically removed from the collection. Does anyone know if there is a way to accomplish this?????
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Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications Specialist
Use PSEXEC to push the packages to 5 at a time.

Or you can use nested queries in which PCs having the app are automatically filtered out. So if you can add 10 PC to an existing collection which has 40 PC but only new ones will get the new package.

Let me know if you need some examples
Firstly, why do you need them to be removed after they get the install?  If the properties of your advertisment is only rerun if previous attempt failed, then they shouldnt rerun the advertisment if you are putting new schedules on it.

Anyways this is how i'd do it.
Create 2 collections.  One that you will be using to add the machines to it, the second one will be a query for machines that do not have a particular installation.  Set the second collection to be limited to the first collection and make it update its membership in short intervals.  
In order for SCCM to pick up that they have the install, you will need to increase your Hardware Inventory cycle to pick up what is in add remove programs so that when the collection memebership updates, it will see they have the install and remove them from the collection.  you can always decrease your hardware inventory cycle back to a weekly or daily (however you now have it) after you have finished with your deployment.

Do you need assistance with the collection query?
Agree with Kezzi and npsingh123.
Another possibility would be to use Status Filter Rules. When a Adverisements was successfully installed on a Client a Status Message is logged on the Server. At this moment you can run a script which removes the Client from that Collection. This is method which you should use when building huge automatic collection structures. If you have just a handful, then use Kezzi's and npsingh123's nested collection method
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