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OS Problem

I have a new PC - Gigabyte motherboard, Quad Core i5 CPU, 4 hard disks etc.

I have disconnected 3 hard disks to minimize any problems and left only one HDD. After started installing Win 7 Pro, I noticed that the mouse is not working. Very odd.

After installation my dual monitors did not work only one, the screen resolution only 800x640 and all peripherals like internet, USB ports all disabled. This is very odd as I thought that with Win 7 OS all peripherals will work normally as with my last PC.

I inserted the Gigabyte motherboard DVD disc to start installing drivers but since my mouse is not working I cannot install the drivers.

Now I am stuck - purchased this system for $1600 and is useless.

When the outlet sold me this system, the OS seemed to be installed on all 4 Hard Disks - when I disconnected one hard disk, Windows did not work only the Windows Boot Manager came to screen.

I do not wish to go back to the outlet because they already told me to leave the PC at their offices and try to fix this but need the PC for I have back log of work to do. If I go to the  outlet it would be difficult to suppress my anger and probably I would stuck this PC inside a head of one of the staff. But in the end if EE will not help me in this matter then I have no other option but to return the PC back to the outlet which is famous in UK and in my home country of Malta.

Please help. Thanks.
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Wondering about the 4 disks, were they set up as RAID?
I just finished a gigabyte install with two 750GB SaATA III that I made Raid 1 without any issue at all.
As far as the mouse, sounds like a problem with USB, borrow a PS2 mouse to see if that works.  You definitely need to install those drivers on the CD.  Also check Gigabytes web site for any BIOS updates.
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Try the mouse in different ports. If that doesn't help, look in the BIOS, there may be a setting for the USB you have to change so the mouse starts to work.

As mentioned above, your system was setup for RAID, but it is unclear what type of RAID was used.

You can use the GigaByte disc to get you started, but I would go to the GigaByte support page for your mb for the latest drivers and BIOS, especially BIOS.

4 hdd/1 hdd
disconnected 3? Why? Were you having problems before you disconnected them? Did you install Win 7 yourself, or did you buy it already installed? If you installed it, did you install it with only the 1 hdd connected?

Windows will load some basic drivers for common components (audio, ethernet, USB, etc.) to get you running, but you should always check Windows Update and especially the manufacturers' web sites for later drivers after you get through the initial install. This is especially true for mb and video drivers.


As rindi says try another USB port also, not a case port but on the motherboard.  Case USB may be incorrectly connected


One of the staff told me that RAID is disabled. If it is enabled I can always disable it from the BIOS. Regarding the mouse, there is no slot for PS2 mouse.

I will enable the mouse option in the BIOS and keep you posted. Very very helpful.

What is the setting in the BIOS for the hard drive configuration - IDE, AHCI, RAID? It cannot be set for RAID if you only have 1 disk connected. With 1 disk connected and for simplicity, set it to IDE. However, this is not ideal because you bought a 4-disk system. I would try to make the system work as you bought it, but you do have other options.

Do you see any numbers for RAID in the BIOS, such as RAID 0, 1, 5?


I have connected the PS2 port intended for the mouse with the keyboard. Since the mouse started working then it was easy to install the motherboard drivers.

Great to hear that.  My Gigabyte motherboard has a PS2 connection that is half green and half violet for using either keyboard or mouse I guess that is what you have too.
To get into RAID you probably need to press Ctrl & I when that option comes up to setup Intel RAId on boot.

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