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Some Day to Day operations commands

sumit2012 asked

We work on the Cisco router and switches which is managed by the service provider.
So as of now apart from Vlan shut and no shut and configuration of the switch port is allowed.

But what are all the basic day to day operation commands execution rights we should have :-

for example :-

1) Clear counter -> This is used to clear the counters on interface like CRC errors , Input error etc as of now we don;t have the access to execute this command.

2) dir --> This is the command which is used to see the what directories are available on the cisco switch and router incase to see if any crashinfo file is getting buildup or not.

So similarly like this what are all the rest of the commands which we should have the access to execute.
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show log
show ip interfaces brief
show interface <interface_name>
show ip route
show ip protocols
show vlan
show vlan name <vlan_name>
show interfaces trunk
ping and extended ping
traceroute and extended traceroute
show mac-address-table
show ip arp

these should get you started

harbor235 ;}


Almost all the show commands access we have.
But i would like to know about the commands like Clear counter and dir, I think these commands requires the some more priviledge.

Senior Network Security  / Senior System Engineer

The day-to-day commands which can be performed are as below :

sh cdp
sh controller
sh ip int br
sh line vty
sh connections
sh runn
sh start-up
configuration mode
console connection for router configuration
cabling sequence (whether it is straight or cross cabling) etc.

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