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get rid of or reconnect spamassassin

Mark asked
I've just installed the latest linux slackware distro on my computer. I've copied over my old computer's sendmail (all of etc/mail, in fact) and the getmail pop client script. Things work more-or-less fine, but getmail is returning errors:

2011-11-01 15:35:07 Delivery error (command procmail 2659 wrote to stderr: /bin/sh: spamassassin: No such file or directory
procmail: Program failure (127) of "spamassassin"
procmail: Rescue of unfiltered data succeeded)
2011-11-01 15:35:07 msg 15/16 (2379 bytes) msgid 1320175129.22769.mail55,S=2379 from <ryoung@xprs.org>

The problem is, this isn't just a warning. It causes the getmail to fail. Then, when getmail runs again, it gets all the same messages again, etc. My mailbox is filling up with the same messages over and over!

I had spamassasin installed on the old computer, but not on this one. I absolutely cannot find why or where it is trying to run sendmail. I've looked in my local .mailrc, I all the files in /etc/mail including sendmail.cf. I cannot find any reference to spamassassin!

For right now, I'd simply like to all components of the mail system from looking for spamassassin so I can get my email. Can anyone help me find this thing?

Slackware distro 13.37, kernel
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Top Expert 2011

Copying over /etc/mail in it's entirety probably was your first mistake.

One solution is to install spamassassin.

Another thing to look at is your $HOME/.getmail config file.
Does root have a ~/.procmailrc that references spamassassin?  What about /etc/procmailrc?


> Copying over /etc/mail in it's entirety probably was your first mistake.

Well, not a fatal mistake. I have the original files and I could build things from scratch if necessary. I just thought there would be less chance of trouble if I didn't have to remake sendmail.cf, aliases, access, etc. If there is something my current in /etc/mail, I can't figure out what it is. There is a spamassassin folder in /etc/sendmail, but I've renamed it to no beneficial effect.

> One solution is to install spamassassin.

Yes, that's the plan, but I'd like to just get rid of the problem first, not possibly create another layer of problem.

> Another thing to look at is your $HOME/.getmail config file.

it specifies path = /usr/bin/procmail, but otherwise I don't see anything spamassassin related.

>Does root have a ~/.procmailrc that references spamassassin?  What about /etc/procmailrc?

I don't see any files named anything like *procmail* under /etc


Ah Ha!!!! Yes, there was a .procmailrc in my home directory. I renamed that to spamassassin.procmailrc and VOILA!, problem gone.


the .procmailrc wasn't in /root and wasn't in /etc, but the clue led me to the right place. Thanks

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