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Floating Desktop and Apps that need personalizing

RichardPWolf asked
We are in the inital stages of deploying VDI's and so far have created all necessary VM's etc.

What our current question is and I haven't found a good solution is this;
    Currently we're working with floating linked clones.
     View 4.6.
      Both logins from existing workstations and thin clients.
     Windows 7
We have a few applications (banking) that require customized settings (terminal settings) that we would like to have specific to the cloned VM. Also we do allow our end-users to customize there desktops to a point.

I know that I can use roaming profiles to take care of the user experience but I'm wondering if there is a way to allow the customazation of the application. I was thinking of ThinApps but haven't found any specifics to our needs. We thought also of using a script that when a user logs in that the file (.ini) could be written to handle this. Yes the application we're talking about uses a ini file in the windows folder. I also now that I could use persistant disks but am looking for a low administrative solution primarily because where these VM's will be used we have a high percentage of employee turnover.

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I believe persistant disks and Persona Management are the way to go.  That will allow you to achieve the persistance in customizing desktops and apps per user that carry over from VDI to VDI.  Personna Management is good in View 4.6, but exceptional in View 5 (in case you have free upgrades available).  

As for employee turnover, I've seen a PowerCLI script made to run as a task in vCenter that can look for persistant disks that meet certain criteria (such as not used for a period of time) and do something with them (like move or delete them).  It's a great way to setup a routing that keeps your storage space clean in such a scenario.


I agree that persistant disks and persona management would be the way to go howerver we're not on view 5 so persona is not available. We're also trying to keep our storage under control so for the time being we're going with roaming profiles and floating desktops. Not the most elagant solution but for the first desktops it should work ok for us. We'll probably be using persistannt disks on some of our back office systems.

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