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Create a PDF with Drop-down Menus in Word 2007


I have a Friend who wants to create a PDF from a Word document. In the doc the Drop-down Menus are working. When we save it as PDF or print it with PDF creator we loose the Drop-down Menus.
How can we create it with Drop-down Menus and buttons? Any free Tools?

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I am not sure if it is possible in a Word application but one thing I know you can do it using Adobe product like the link the one in the link below:


Unfortunately the only interactive features that you can bring over from Word are links and bookmarks. Anything else will get converted into static PDF elements. Adobe Acrobat can do that, but it's not free - but, if this is a one time thing, you can download a 30 day eval version and create your document.

There are not too many free tools available that can compete with Acrobat when it comes to these kinds of features. If you are willing to learn a new tool, give Scribus (http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus) a try, it's free, and it does support interactive PDF features, but be prepared for quite a learning curve.
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Thanks to you both we will try Scribus & Adobe Acrobat and let you both know.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager


There is no alternative to the Adobe product.

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