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MediaGate MG-35

Does anyone work with the MediaGate MG-35?
the blue light on mine keeps on blinking when turn on.
Thank you in advance.
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Did you try this already?

When I power up my MG-350HD I get a blank screen with no audio or video and the BLUE LED light is constantly flashing on the unit.

There can be two possible reasons why this is occurring:
First would be flash memory problem. This is usually caused by power problem while upgrading the firmware. There is no cure for this problem at the moment so please contact the store you had purchased the unit from to obtain a replacement.
Second reason this maybe occurring is that you are trying to use the MG-350HD as an external hard drive for your computer and media server simultaneously. If this is the case please unplug any USB devices connected to the MediaGate’s USB Slave port. Blinking should now stop and startup should be now normal

Some other posts that might help:

My MG-35 is dead. Can I revive it?

That depends... There are two states of "dead" for the MG35:

1. If you hit the power button and the HD spins up but no LEDs light, then your bootloader is probably corrupted or erased. This is the worst case. There were some discussions to figure out if the EM8511 has a JTAG port and if it's usable for JTAG recovery, and we finally abandoned any work on this.

2. If the red power LED lights up and the blue panel LED is flashing, your bootloader is probably intact. Probably only the kernel and/or cramfs images have been corrupted or erased. You may be able to recover your unit following the debricking < http://mediagate.pbworks.com/Debricking > instructions.

If you have broken your MG-35 and really can't recover it yourself, then please post a message on AVSforum < http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=8156704 > and someone in your country might be able to help. You'll have to pay the shipping in both directions.

Here are the steps for a Factory Reset, if you need them:

I really messed the settings, how can I do a "Factory reset"?

Go to the Setup page=> press Stop¿Play/Pause¿Stop¿Play/Pause¿MediaType¿MainPage.

If you can not see the screen, then press the following buttons on the remote:

Setup¿Stop¿Play/Pause¿Stop¿Play/Pause¿MediaType¿MainPage¿Left Arrow¿OK.



it looks like "2" is my problem. I don't have the serial cable that the website is talking about, so I'll see if I can find someone to fix this. Will update in a couple of days.

Good luck.    : )


Thanks for help.

Thank you much.    : )