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Desktop PC sometimes reboots when I insert USB device

Daniel Wilson
It just happened again:  I inserted a USB flash drive into a front USB port on my desktop machine.  It was just as if I'd just hit the reset switch -- system off, trying to reboot.

It's done it when I move a wire on one of the rear USB ports too.

CoolerMaster case
ASUS motherboard
AMD 64-bit quad-core CPU
Windows Vista Pro x64

What would be causing such a problem?


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DevOps Engineer
you have a bad USB port/card. either replace the card or (if it is integrated in the motherboard) turn off the USB port from the BIOS and buy a pci/pci express USB card (usually under $20)
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
>>  It's done it when I move a wire on one of the rear USB ports too.

Faulty USB chip(s) from the sound of it if both rear and front ports are exhibiting similar problems.  Test your flash drive on other machines.  If no problems there then it is your motherboard.

Note Todar's comments above.

Oh, try it with all USB devices disconnected from machine if possible and just inserting the flash drive.


It's been more than one USB device ... on more than one USB port.

Yes, USB is on-board.

I'm already replacing the board due to a RAID controller failure.  So, hopefully, the new board will correct the USB problem.

Thanks for your help!

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