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Have pictures on first page of PDF jump to a page on same PDF after a click

colonelblue asked
I am using Acrobat 9 Pro.

I have some face pics on the first page  of my PDF.
I added links to each one to go to a specific page on the same PDF. A visual bookmark if you will.

I tried two ways.
1) By using the link tool and adding #Page=2 ( page number)
2) By using the destination tool and creating a "bookmark name"

Trouble is, it works locally but when the link is clicked a new browser opens. I'd like it to just jump to the appropriate page or just stay in the same browser.

AND the other thing is more of an issue.
When I uploaded the PDF to the site as opposed to using it locally on my desktop ( to test if it worked that way) clicking on the links makes it go to a completely blank browser.

Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

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When you use the link tool, are you using the "Go To A Page View" function? From your description, it sounds like you are using something different to specify the target page. The "Go To A Page View" function allows you to just go to the target page, select the desired zoom factor and establish the link.

If that's what you are doing, can you please give a step by step description of how you are creating the link. Something is wrong, and you should not have to deal with another browser window popping up.  


You rock! Thank you.
I was doing as you surmised and have corrected it accordingly.

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