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Problem with Word 2010. Instead of changing the format of the highlighted text, all text in the document is changed

Wiltshire asked
I've been experiencing a very annoying problem with Word 2010.

I highlight a word (or group of words, or paragraph) to make formatting changes. This includes simply trying to change the text to Bold or Italics.

Instead of changing only the highlighted text, I find that Word changes ALL text in the document. (ie. instead of one word being Bold, all text becomes Bold). To fix the over-zealous text formatting, I then have to click Undo or Alt-Backspace. Then I find that all of the other text reverts back to it's most recent state, except for the text I had highlighted.

This problem occurs whether I use keyboard shortcuts or click the appropriate icons for formatting of text.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, is there a way to fix it?
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what is the style of the selected text? Right-click the style in the Styles panel and select "Modify". Make sure that the check box "Automatically update" is not selected.

If that does not help, post a copy of the document here. Include just a few paragraphs of dummy text, so we can inspect the styles.

This article shows how to display the style of the currently selected text in the QAT.

cheers, teylyn


Your suggestion seems to have worked. Thank you for such a prompt and useful fix. It surprises me that the "Automatically Update" box is checked by default, which means that I can't be the only person who has experienced this problem (I couldn't find a solution anywhere on the Microsoft support site).

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