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MySQL query results as comma separated

Lightwalker asked
Dear Experts,

I have a frustrating problem that I thought would be simple but I am not finding the solution.

I have a Query below:

SELECT orderdetails.DetailsID  FROM orderdetails WHERE orderdetails.ProgramActivated = 2

this would give me results such as:


As you can see the results are in a list, where as what I want to do is have the results separated by a comma (,) to be used in another SQL query.

So the above results should be:

513, 516

I have been reading about GROUP_CONCAT which I was hoping would do it but I am not able to get it to work for me as the result is simply [BLOB] from the query below:

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(orderdetails.DetailsID) AS DetailsID FROM orderdetails WHERE orderdetails.ProgramActivated = 2

Any suggestions?

Many thanks as always for your help.
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2016

You could maybe use a sub query like this, a bit depending on how your other sql query would look like:
select field1, field2 from other_table where DetailsID in
  SELECT orderdetails.DetailsID
  FROM orderdetails
  WHERE orderdetails.ProgramActivated = 2

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Hi, are you see'ing this in phpmyadmin?
Above the result should be a link/button for "+ Options"
Click it and select "Full Texts" and tick "Show BLOB contents", Then hit go and it should work


Dear stilliard,

you are a star. No I was not using phpmyadmin but I am using navicat for mysql as I tested the query.

As you mention about phpmyadmin I realized that I had not tested it inside my PHP script. When I did it shows up perfectly as comma seperated. So it is just in the navicat query editor it is showing up as blob.

Thank you for your insight.

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