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unable to resolve name outlook 2003 and exchange 2003

john_991 asked
I seem to have a problem in that a workstation that was working ok with Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 no longer works. I removed the profile and tried to create a new profile, but now I get unable to resolve name when I try to setup the user again.

The user can use outlook web access and can read there emails, just can't use outlook.

Any idea on how to resolve this issue?

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try logging on as a different user and see if u can setup mail on another profile....

can you access a share on the exchange server?? ie. \\exchange_server\c$


nope, logged in as administrator and same error, unable to resolve name.

no i can't access the share using \\exchange_server\c$ but I do have drive mappings and I can still access the share.

any other idea's?

did it ever work? or is it a new problem? I know with Exch 2007 and 2010 SSL is on by default.

test it by going into the users account settings 'more settings' then security tab, tick encryption and restart outlook.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff Engineer

try to recreate the new user profile and give a try. Also try to check i some other workstation that user able to get connect into outlook.


I tried a new user profile and same problem.

I logged in as a different user same problem.

If I setup the user on another computer,
Outlook works fine.

So it has to be computer specific problem.

Any idea's?

;) My rule is if you spend 1 hr on a prob like this, and then are looking down the barrel of spending another hour.... Its rebuild time!....

other than that,,,, could it be the network point? network settings....

Outlook/Exchange does rely on DNS in order to resolve names etc..... so possibly something could be amiss here...

can u ping the exch server via name? if not, try adding it to the HOSTS file..... see what happens after this....

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