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Outlook Display Name

grandrew asked
I have a user that uses Outlook 2007 as his email client..  He is complaining that some emails he receives shows the sender's name as Last Name, First Name instead of First Name Last Name.  He indicates these senders are setup in his contacts as First Name Last Name.  I think it is on the sender's end that has their account setup this way.  Is there any options in Outlook to display the name as First Name Last Name in his inbox?
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Are these new email messages or replies to a message from another sender?  If it is a reply, it could be how the original sender is configured.


These are new email message.  I will also add that not all the senders in his inbox show this way.  Most are First Name Last Name.  Only a few are Last Name, First Name.  I really think it is how the sender has their account configured, but I am not sure.

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