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Magento 1.6 Emails NOT SENDING??

oberseite asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12

We're currently using Magento 1.6 on our site siliconeipod.com. Emails were sending fine for a while, however, now nothing but the Contact Us page works, and the "new password" for customer account emails will send. Transactional emails like order details, invoices, shipping notices, everything else will not send. Need help asap as we are live and need this running. Any ideas??
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Here are a few tips:
1. disable caching while debugging.
2. enable logging.
3. Check the logs
4. Make sure you have an email set for each transactional email sender.
         Admin -> Configuration -> General -> Store Email Addresses

Since email is sending from your site it seems like the problem is related to specific emails. I would double check #4 above. That would be my guess at what is wrong.


Caching is disabled during any debug. Logging is enabled, and does not contain any errors related to the email system. I added emails to ensure every Store Email Address was filled. However, I still am not receiving any email besides what I mentioned above.

All emails ran fine when I first ran a test order. Not sure what happened...
It is probably trying to send the email but unable to for some reason.

What is your Environment(local/production, LAMP/Wamp)?

You will probably need to dig into the classes and add your own debugging logic to get to the root of the issue.


I apologize, I'm not familiar with programming with Magento. I'm running off the server - we are live. I have no idea where to start to find a solution, or how to fix it. I'll be happy to post any documents needed, but I'm lost how something could just stop working.
I would get call who ever set the site up for you and ask them to troubleshoot it. They would probably need to access the files and add some debugging code to figure out the issue. Probably not the easiest thing to resolve via Q&A(too many variables).


I installed the site, unfortunately. Is there anything I could look for in files? I don't understand how something could just stop working like it has.
You need to debug.
There is probably not an issue logged. This means getting into the PHP files and adding debugging logic.


thanks for your help - i  figured out the problem myself.

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