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terminal server question

officertango asked
I am running terminal server 2003 on windows 2003. When installed an application called Quickbook on the terminal server, something happen. When any users login to the terminal server, I see that qb.exe process started even though they do not have qb.exe launch. What did i do wrong? Did i instal it not correctly? I do not remember if i went into add/remove program and install it from there or just click on the setup.exe.


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check if the program put a shortcut into the all users startup directory.

c:\documents and settings\all users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

also you can check the registry

do a search for qb.exe

if it's in any run folder under the HKey\users  just delete it.


yes, i see qb.exe is in startup. I went and delete. Does that mean if other users are login, qb.exe should not launch?
Also, should I have use add/remove program to accurately install application on terminal server? should i uninstall qb.exe and reinstall as add/remove program?


no if it's working you did it correctly :)

the thing is that the all users startup folder is basically running no matter who logs on.

especially on terminal server you want that only if you are 100% that it should run with all users.

if not you can set it to run on startup through the users profile or logon script or even gpo.

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