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Can't login to Gmail

SydneyW asked

I cannot access my Gmail account.  I have had this account for 7 years and recently my password stopped working.  I did not forget my password because I can login on my BlackBerry, but the password doesn't work on any PC I have tried as of this week.
I cleared the history
I cleared the internet files
I cleared the cookies
I cleared the cache
I tried different machines
I tried different browsers
Nothing works.
Can anyone help me understand what is causing this, and how I can fix this.  I am extremely disappointed in Gmail because they do not seem to have a help desk or tech support, and I really need this account back.
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How is your BlackBerry connecting to Gmail?  Via IMAP (as opposed to HTTP/HTTPS)?

Have you re-keyed in your password on the BlackBerry to confirm it is working?  Have you verify the account (email address) being used to login on the BlackBerry versus via www.gmail.com? 

Have you tried to do a password recovery via the web login?

Just trying to get the thoughts flowing.
Use the forgot password to reset your password as Aeriden suggests.  That should prompt you to change your password so you can get access again.
I eventually had to go through the rigorous process of verifying that I am who I said I was


There was no way to fix the problem besides verification, and I still do not know the root cause.
Normally it gives you an indication that you need to verify rather than just saying your password is invalid.  Good to know.

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