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Wireless Access Point recommendations

I have a customer who wants to setup wireless access points in his factory for hand held devices (inventory scanners).

I want to recommend good industrial Access Points. It is a small factory (30,000 sqf) in 2 buildings with steel beams and roofs.

Any ideas for me?
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personally i use linksys a lot as the price quality is excellent. the question is how much management do you want to have?

You can buy cisco's profesional series..

but much more expensive.

also have a look at dd-wrt it's a nice unix flash for linksys routers that give you so much more options.
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, etc.

It all depends on how much you want to spend and how integrated you want the control.

I had a customer that went with Meru. I was skeptical but it's been working fine for almost 2 years. The pricing wasn't bad either.
You have to closely check the premisses where the devices need to function. I have made a similar setup for a en-gross furniture store that was about as big as you said . Maybe a bit larger and here's the layout I've used :

3  - Cisco Aironet 3500e
1  -  GS110TP Netgear (supports POE).

I have started the implementation originally with 2 wireless devices but I had to reconfigure the layout because of the height of the shelf holding the furniture and the steal beams .

I would suggest one of the 2 scenarios :
1. go with a POE (power over ethernet ) switch positioned to cover all 3 wireless within 100 m (it's better to have a strong uplink).

2. configure point to point bridging between devices and only use an uplink at the root bridge.

I went for the first solution as data lost and signal strength proved to be better for the bar code reading devices.

Hope this helped.
jostafewSystems Administrator

It's been my experience that the consumer stuff (Linksys, D-Link, etc.) do not belong in the enterprise. I use them in the boardroom or showroom floor where it's not mission critical and they can be easily reset when (not if) they flake out.

Now in the production environment we've had excellent results from our Cisco AIR-1242AG's that we have in service at both of our manufacturing & distribution plants. Been in service for a couple years with zero problems. I am also planning to install a pair of Aironet 1262's which I believe will be just as reliable.

Well I've recommended the aironet 3500e for multiple reasons :
- the self healing feature and self optimization feature.
-scalability over time
- reliability and security.

Of course the final solution depends on a number of terms as well, most important one's would be location and budget so here's the link of the device description for more details :


Having roughly 500 of the 1242AG Access Points in production, I would agree with jostafew's recommendation. I would also suggest the Cisco 1250 series AP for it's rugged construction and a/b/g/n capabilities. Below is a link to youtube that provides good information on the 1250:


Both the 1242 and 1250 have metal cases - the 1250's construction is a little beefier and designed for industrial applications.

Hope this helps.

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