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Changing RUS servers to new 2008DCs

tenover asked
Small network.  I just installed two new 2008 R2 domain controllers.  Both are GC's, and I have transferred over the FSMO roles from one of the old 2003 domain controllers to one of the new 2008 domain controllers.  I have changed DNS on all servers, and have also moved DHCP to one of the new 2008 servers.  About 5 days ago, I unplugged the network connections from the old 2003 servers for testing....All seems to be just fine.  

Before actually plugging the old 2003 DC's back in and decommissioning them, I noticed that our 2003 Exchange Server is still pointing to one of the old 2003 DC's in the Recipient Update Services.  

Is it safe to go ahead and right click on those and change the server that RUS is pointing to, to one of the new 2008 DC's?

After that, I think I'll be all set to decommission the old 2003 domain controllers, and then(in the next few months), transition to a new 2010 Exchange server...

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, just browse and select the new DC.

Here is your kb article for it.



Thanks.  No issues with Exchange 2003 pointing to a 2008 DC?
No, it is fine that way.

Make sure you point Exchange DNS to the new DC's, and Restart the system attendant service once, so that the new DC will be automatically detected as a configuration DC, DC and GC in the dsaccess tab in the server properties.


Thanks. Already pointed the Exchange DNS settings to the new servers. I'll restart the server(entirely) tomorrow.  Will report back.  Should I change the RUS server BEFORE restarting the server or after....or does it even matter?
Either, just make sure at a minimum the system attendant service gets restarted after you do.


Quick question.  I see three RUS entries:

Recipient Update Services (MyCompany)
Recipient Update Services (My Company) 1
Recipient Update Services (Enterprise Configuration)

I can change the domain controller on the first one and the third, but not the middle on.  I get an error message saying that no object with that name can be found when I brows for the new domain controller.  Odd, since it changes just fine on the other two.  I'm not even sure that middle RUS is used, as I think it was added to try something a few years back.  Any way to tell if it's being used and delete it if it's not?

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