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Joomla 1.7 upgrade, - moving to main directory

Hi My question is I did the 1.7 upgrade, still have to work out some kinks. And I want to move it to the main directory as my friend is not liking when I forward her domain to the www.name.com/jupgrade

Can I just copy the directory and upload over the old one?
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I think you have upgrade it the wrong way ,
If you have a backup ( before the upgrade ) then restore it ,  
Watch this video to know the right way


I did the upgrade through the administrator panel, It did it in a new folder - I cannot go back this was done 3 months ago and too much has been added I am not wanting to redo anything
Here is what I will do if I were you .
1- backup now  ( full back up )
2-  move everything in the upgrade folder to the home  directory  and use overcopy
i.e  everything in www.name.com/upgrade  should be moved to www.name.com 

locate the file config.php  and change the installation directory there  a short video  to show u how to do that.

3- if everything works fine then that is the end

if all of this did not solve the problem then restore your backup


ok I will try this and see if it works.


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