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Which HP P4000 solution should I go with?

steve_o76 asked
I am looking to put together a solution for a customer using the HP P4000 product line.  My initial thoughts are either the P4500 G2 14.4 SAS or the P4500 G2 28.8 SAS solution.

My client wants to be able to store/archive digital interviews.  They want a solution that would start them off at about 20TB and can grow to 100TB.

Here is my question:  Of all the P4000 products, which one would be the best fit?  There is:

P4300 G2 7.2TB SAS Starter SAN Solution (BK716A)
P4300 G2 16TB MDL SAS Starter SAN Solution (BK715A)
P4500 G2 14.4TB SAS Virtualization SAN Solution (BQ888A)
P4500 G2 28.8TB SAS Multi-Site SAN Solution (BQ889A)
P4800 G2 31.5TB SAS SAN Solution for BladeSystem (BV931A)
P4800 G2 42TB SAS SAN Solution for BladeSystem (BV932A)

I figured that I would ride the middle here and go with the P4500 G2 option, but what is the difference between the Virtualization and Multi-Site San Solutions? Aside from the obvious HW differences (24 vs 48 drives to start, 4 vs 8 -1GbE ports), does it really matter which one or is there another solution I should be looking at that will allow for growth, etc.
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Distinguished Expert 2019
Since this is for storage use only, I'd think using MDL SAS drives is a more cost effective approach.


Should the need change, the incremental P4000 that you can add will need to match the use. i.e. SAS for database type of accessess/storage.

These are also iscsi so you need to make sure to have the network capacity to match as well as consider whether you need the 10Gig nic/infrastructure.

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It's just what you get includes in the package, the virtualization SAN solution comes with 10 licenses for VSA bundled in so you can run virtual machines with SAN/IQ on them to add the disks inside your VMware/Hyper-V servers into the storage pool; the multi-site solution has four nodes and is intended to have 2 nodes on one site and two on another, plus again 10 licenses for VSA. As far as I know you can buy the multi-site solution but then put all 4 nodes on a single site or buy two of the more normal starter packs and have one on each site. The blade solution uses BL460c's with external SAS enclosures rather than the more common 2U servers with internal disks.

Why there isn't a P4500 starter system (without VSA bundled in) or a P4300 multi-site system I don't know, you'd have to ask HP's marketing bods.

It's all rather expensive if you don't want network RAID, and Network RAID itself is expensive in as much that for a two node system it halves your storage because one node is replicated to the other. (plus the internal RAID capacity loss). If you don't need an of those fancy features you'd be beter off with a P2000.

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