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Adobe Flash Disappears from Terminal/Citrix Server

Hello, we have a really bizarre problem. We have a client running Citrix on Windows 2003. About 20 users access this server. One specific user needs Adobe Flash installed on the server so that she can access a website that requires it. We have installed Flash on the server. However, every few weeks she complains that she can't access the site because Adobe isn't installed. Sure enough, we check the server and Adobe Flash has literally disappeared off the server. Doesn't even show up in Add/Remove programs. We end up reinstalling it on the server and things are fine again for a few more weeks and the boom, Flash disappears and the woman is complaining that she can't access the site. What in the world could be going on. The citrix/terminal server is locked down so nobody could be uninstalling the application. Any input would be appreciated.
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I have no experience / expertise in Citrix, but I can suggest a possible way around the problem rather than 'through' the problem (if you see what I mean).

Since the problem only appears intermittently, I think it may lie in the version of the Flash Player, and when a new version of the player is released that it's this that may be causing the issue. (speculation: perhaps the old version of the player is successfully uninstalling itself, but the replacement install fails?)

If the browser installed on that server is *not* Google Chrome,you could try adding Google Chrome to the installation and asking that user to use Chrome to access the web. Chrome handles the Flash Player differently than other browsers, with the browser having the player as an integral part of the itself, rather than in the 'plug-in' architecture that other browsers use. Chrome therefore actively manages the install / version of the Flash player, and this may prove a way around the problem (if indeed the version of the Flash player is at the root of the problem(.
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Check in group policy the specific server, may be you have not enabled gp to allow flash player in server and check IE security settings too.

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