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Backup Exec - Restore from Tape Drive to a different Machine!

bill0786 asked
My server(windows 2003 small business) crashed and is no longer accessible. I have installed backup exec 11D on an XP pro. machine and installed tape drive too. I need to restore the backup from the tape drive to this XP machine and restore some folders. I am having problems with access denied information on the folders I need to restore.

This is a business critical situation and a quick and helpful response would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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had someone setup encryption on the backup system?

or, are the error pertaining to the actual restore job itself


There was no encryption on the backup system. I can see the folders and files using the restore wizard, but get no option as to what location I am restoring to. Then the screen comes where I can perform tests. This is where it fails and informs of access denied.
ok, there is an option on the left hand side for file redirection. have you configured that option.

for credentials, if you have access to it, just use the local machine admin.


Thank you 'Getsum Bloodlust', everything worked. Backup exec infact was searching for the remote server which was crashed. A redirection to a folder on the local machine clearly worked out.

Many thanks for your quick response Sir!


Great place to find Great people for Great solutions to Great problems!!
No worries Bill :)

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