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3 Monitors on same PC

Hello everybody

I would like to purchase the following video card:
Gainward nVidia GeForce GTX550Ti, 1024MB, GDDR5, 192bit, HDMI, PCI-E

On the PC with this video card, I would like to connect 3 of the following monitors:
Monitor LED Samsung 21.5", Wide, Full HD, S22A300N

The result would be 3 screens connected to the same PC, however, with the following capabilities:

1. Different image (different desktop) on each of them
2. Ability to simply move the input (mouse and keyboard) between each of the 3 screens naturally as if it was just 1 screen


1. Do I need some special hardware such as a monitor hub or some special connectors or adaptors in order to achieve this ? If yes, what are my hardware options and requirements having in mind this video card and these monitors

2. Do I need some special software to achieve the targeted functionality ? If yes, what is suggested ? (thinking about NVIEW Desktop Management Software from nVidia)

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!
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nvidia cards I dont think can have 3 monitors plugged in at the same time..... YOu have to be careful when selecting a card.... Although they have 3 ports... Only 2 of them can be active at the same time.

I do know that ATI cards  (I have a HD 5700) can do triple monitors, but there are certain requirements. Such as having to use 2 x HDMI or 2 x Display Port plugs in order to achieve triple monitors....

I dont think the 550 ti can do it...

as for the different backgrounds, this is not currently supported by windows... u will need Ultramon.... which can provide quite a few extra bits, such as separate backgrounds per display...


I would recommend an ATI card that has eyefinity....


but again, ensure you know which plugs are needed in order to get 3 screen going at the same time.....

Mine needed 2 x display port and 1 x DVI, so I had to get some of those display port converters....

But once its setup, its all good.....
Make sure you install Ultramon, trust me it will make your life much much easier..





I can see that only GTX590 has the capability to deliver 3 monitor support as it has native built-in SLI technology. Unfortunately, that video card is above $1000 so it is not a suitable solution.

In short, I believe I am stuck with just 2 monitors on this video card.

ahhhh so you already have the 550 ti?

There are some cheaper alternatives with ATI.... But if you have already spent the money.... then I guess thats it.


No, I did not already purchase the 550TI however rumors are that even if ATI supports that with its eyeFinity technology, however, people say that performance is often questionable.

Also, I am realy an nVidia fan for multiple reasons so I was thinking if there is any solution based on the 550TI card which is currently at a decent price range.

ahh.... ok... welll one option is go to SLI with 2 x 550TI cards..... but then again, you have to have the right motherboard and power supply, and case for all of this....

and it doubles the cost...! ..

other than that..... it looks like 2 monitors is your only option.


Thank you for your support!