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free distributable ColdFusion runtime?

AWEInCA asked
I have a ColdFusion app that I want to give to someone that does not have ColdFusion server. Is there a free distributable runtime I can give them so they run my app?

Thanks for help
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Staff IT Engineer
CF Developer server is free, it can be downloaded and used for development.

You can also have RALIO (http://www.getrailo.org/), but need to check the compatibility of the Tags.

Open BlueDragon (http://www.openbluedragon.org/), again need to check the compatibility of Tags

No points for me as brij has answered your question but I'd just like to recommend Railo. It's -fast- and has compatibility with almost all cf tags and has a few that CF doesn't. I've recently started a personal project that does have the budget for adobe and railo has been working great for me.
doesn't have the budget.

and to clarify, these suggestions aren't "runtimes" They are independently written CFML parsers (or "servers" if you like) You need to install them along with a webserver just as you would the official ColdFusion AppServer. There isn't such a thing as a runtime.

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