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Delegated user to create Users or Groups with Exchange 2010

sydleg asked
I need a user (using Windows XP) to be able to create mail enabled users and groups. We now have an Exchange 2010 server.

For exchange 2003 you used to have install the Exchange admin tools on the client and then delegate control. Is there an equivalent of the ESM management tools to install for the 2010 exchange server. Is the delegation process still about the same or have Microsoft unnecessarily complicated it like everything else (yes I am cynical)
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the ECP could be used to do some, if not all of this....

try https://exch2010server/ecp

your user has to have certain roles assigned to it before they can really start to change settings and alter things....

which is a huge topic within itself....... u can read about it here:


Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging Support

You have to add the user to the recipient administrator role to manage the user accounts for exchange 2010.

you can do this by using Exchange Control panel


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