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Romans8 asked
I setup this ibm server with sbs 2011 all running sweet, now the boss wants to change the Exchange email from for example boss@chocolate.com to boss@choc.com to line up with our current website domain hosted at a hosting company.
We are using DynDns and have mx records set there for remote.chocolate.com for iphones and vpn's etc to connect to sbs 2011.
The internal domain is chocolatenet.local that won;t change.
Wished he told me this 2 months ago when i rebuilt it.
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Madan SharmaConsultant

just create a new accepted domain in on your exchange and create new email address policy for you new domain and apply it on the required users/ou's etc.

point the mx records for choc.com to you exchange server


"create new email address policy for you new domain and apply it on the required users/ou's etc."
how do i do that?
What about the website hosted at the hosting company?
here is the step by step procedure
1. open up your EMC got organization configuration-> hub transport -> Accepted Domain
2. Create your new accepted domain its should be authoritative domain
3. then on the same location go to e-mail address policies in action pane click on new-email address policy on first screen give name to policy and also choose recipient filter if you want to
4. click on next choose condition if you want to apply any otherwise click on next
5. in email addressed click on add then choose select the accepted domain from the address and click on browse and select your newly create accepted domain
6. click on next and choose schedule as per your requirement
7. Click next and click on new & its done.

For website I just told you to point out the only MX records to your exchange not the A record
just remain the A record as it is and move the mx records to you exchange.
Note:- After doing the setting on your exchange you can ask to your hosting provider to point the these records to your exchange. They will setup it for you


ok thanks, I am going to attempt to do this in a month.
the 25 exisiting users on the sbs box will their emails automatically change?
Madan SharmaConsultant

yes when you apply the new-mail address policy their email address will update automatically. But you should have to take care for your primary email address as that will be your sending address. Please set the that domain e-mail address policy on top priority from which domain you want to send mail


ok I have copied all this down, i have acpeted the solution and awarded the points but i might need to get back to you. is that ok?
Madan SharmaConsultant

sure It will be honor for me.


cool, ciao!

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