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Clustering: Unable to failover to another node.

Decarn asked

I have a Exchange serer on Windows 2003 and I'm not able to failover to another node.

The Event ID is: 1034.

The disk associated with cluster disk resource 'Disk Q:' could not be found. The expected signature of the disk was "". If the disk was removed from the server cluster, the resource should be deleted. If the disk was replaced, the resource must be deleted and created again in order to bring the disk online. If the disk has not been removed or replaced, it may be inaccessible at this time because it is reserved by another server cluster node.

It is not only Disk Q but all other data disks as well. Also, it's strange that there is no disk signature in the log.

In addition to finding the solution, I'm trying to replicate the problem using VMWare workstation. I have successfully set up clustering between two nodes and need advice on the next step.

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Cloud Architect
hmmm its seems your cluster get corrupted , dose your all cluster shared disk online in current node ?

it can be storage outage  check if your storage is working fine and all shared disk are connected fine !

if correct node is work fine .try to reboot your 2nd node and then when its come up try to move some resources  from your current node to 2nd node , also check if 2nd node show Ok in cluadmin (do not have some red X)

if its not work open cluadmin , right click on your 2nd node and click on Evict node when done go to your 2nd node and re add this node to your cluster again
Looks like your Quorum disk is corrupted. Try troubleshooting the Quorum resource problem

A physical disk resource may fail to come online, or the Cluster service may fail to start. The following message is generated in the system event log:
Event ID: 1034
Source: ClusDisk
Description: The disk associated with cluster disk resource DriveLetter could not be found. The expected signature of the disk was DiskSignature.

See the below Article, recovering from an Event ID 1034 on a server cluster


Hi Guys,

You were right. The affected node is not able to see any disk drives. The HBA logs did not show any lost connection and the storage seem to be working fine. Any ideas how it could have happen or where else to check?

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