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Listing or mark duplicates or multiple same entry in first column of an Excel list

Murathino asked
Hello, I am totally new about excel questions and I couln't find the right solution here for my question. Therefore I opened my question here.

I have an Excel list with several columns. In the first column (=A2 until A3303) is on every row name and first name of users entered. This is a list of accounts which a user have and every user should have just one account, therefore the user should be only one time listed on the column and row, but there are duplicates or multiple entries of one user (name and firstname).
Cause the list is so much long (=3302 entries), I should know how to list or mark or whatever to get the duplicate and multiple entries.

I hope you have understood my problem, if not, please just ask. Would be great to get a solution for this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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To identify the duplicates you can use conditional formatting.
Select the first cell in the column where the duplicates occur.
Then click the Conditional formatting button.
Choose 'New Rule', then choose 'Use a formula...'
Enter this formula: =COUNTIF($A$2:$A$3303,A1)>1
Click the format button to customize the look of your cell. For example choose a green fill.
Click ok.
Then apply the conditional formatting to the entire list, by clicking Conitional formatting once again.
Choose 'Manage Rules'.
Then change the range in 'Applies to' to =A2:A3303

Tip: You can apply a filter by cell fill color.


Ok, stick with MINDSUPERB's solution. Much more simple.
My solution does the same thing, but why make it complicated?
Oh well, it could be a good excercise in conditional formatting ;-)



Thank you so much for your help....all answers were right, the easiest were as Davy2270 said, the solution of MINDSUPERB. :-)



this was the right solution for my problem

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