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Devil Linux Question

JacobC asked
I'll start off by saying I have some Linux desktop OS knowledge, but i'm new to using Linux as a networking tool ...

I've been messing with Devil Linux as a firewall solution and I can navigate the pre live options they have just fine (the GUI that you can mess with before spinning it up). However, I would like to be able to make changes to the firewall on the fly at the command level, and i'm having a rough time finding information on things like tweaking VPN settings or rule configurations.

Can any Linux experts out there point me to some Devil Linux configuration FAQs (or anything that is applicable)? Maybe i'm just lacking general Linux networking information? I don't know, so please help me learn!  
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Application Support Analyst


Thanks itkamaraj,

Maybe i'm going blind, but I didn't see that link on their page, only the one for FAQs. Any way thanks for the help!.

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