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MS Office COM AddIn: toolbar/button not shown in Office 2010

anesk asked
We have a MS Office COM AddIn developed for Office 2003 (VB6 ActiveX dll). The addin creates a toolbar and places a command button on it. Works fine on 2003/2007.

Office 2010 shows the AddIn as loaded, but neither button nor toolbar are created. Command is not shown in Available commands list.
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Click the hyperlink for the Quick Access Toolbar at this link and compare the step by step procedure to the procedure you followed:


We have tried configuring the Ribbon as described above; the fact is that Commands from our AddIn are not shown as Available Commands

I'm trying to do something similar.  Have you figured this out yet?
see if this link helps.  It shows how to enable different addins depending on the type and origin of the addin.


puppydogbuddy, your link refers to MSO 2007, we are using MSO 2010.

kbirecki, we have not found the solution yet. Observation: this works for certain users (e.g. with admin privelegies) , but not for the others. Security issue?
Cou;d not find an eqivalent reference for MS Office 2010, indicating that the topic area for 2010 is the same as for 2007.  Did you try the steps stated therein.....e.g re the trust center?

I think that puppydogbuddy is right that the steps for 2007 would be the same for 2010.  Those versions are similar in many ways, so give that suggestion a try even though it may specifically reference v.2007.
The problem has disappeared without any action from us. Still not sure what it was.


The problem solved, but we still do not know the reason

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