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Windows XP - Internet Website Restrictions

Bransby-IT asked
I am setting up a few public machines which will be on there own external broadband line.

I will be locking the system down so all they get is the internet explorer with the favorites to 20 or so websites.

Is there a way I can add these websites into the registry.

I want to remove the addressbar so they cant type anything in so all they will get is a perm Fav bar so I can add them to the fav and then away they go?
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this can be done by using GPO's if you are in a domain and have a domain controller to roll out the policies...

no doubt there is a way to do it, just not sure how without a domain controller


I dont want to put them on my domain thats thing.
This is a shot in the dark, but it may provide what you want:


It disables the toolbars.
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
What you could do is set a DNS server of and then just list the websites that you want them to access in the HOSTS file by IP.

Alternatively look into creating a PAC file that only allows access to those sites and blocks all others.  Google for info on using PAC files to block sites. Lots of info out there.

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