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Is there a procedure to install SS7 boards  on Sun Servers?

Williams225 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-27

I need to install 2 SS7 boards on a Sun T5220. I want to know if there is a procedure or a prerequisite to do it? Help, I  am a newbie
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Are these just PCI or PCI-E cards?  Are you looking for the physical procedure to opening the box and installing them?

Essentially, you'll want to shut down the box, ground it (preferably by attaching a grounding cable from the box to a grounded rack), wear a wrist grounding strap attached to the chassis when working inside, install the cards, and then boot -r to allow the OS to detect them.  I'm guessing these cards probably have their own drivers as well, so you should follow the driver installation guide for them.

Williams225System Administator


i have installed the ss7 board but i am having a driver error

WARNING: forceload of drv/e1driver01_ failed
WARNING: forceload of drv/e1driver01_ failed
Error: Unable to init open counts.  Kernel struct change?

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don't know what to do next

Are you certain the driver you installed was the correct one?  This sounds like an issue you should contact the manufacturer of the card about.

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