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How to email the backup result by attachment in Backup exec

MezzutOzil asked
This is using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 r3 on windows 2008 r2 64-bit server. My management want to have an email with attachment showing the backup selection list send to a group of users. I managed to setup the email settings, with all the given users as recipient. But, the Symantec default setting only allow email the result in text format, how can I achieve the given task by sending an attachment showing the result of all the selection list?

Thanks in advance for help.
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Found the answer:

  Yes, I have, here's the steps I took to configure it:

    * E-mail and Pager Notification configured in the Tools Menu and sent the test mails and all were received.
    * I then created users to receive notification by setting up the Recipients from the Tools Menu.
    * I enabled notification in the Backup Job's options and ticked the "include Job log" option.
Roshan MohammedCloud Engineering Officer

Wanted to tell tyou the above.

please note that backup exec backup jobs results can be emailed as html.

however the "backup selection list" will always be emailed in test format.



It works

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