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Delivered Receipts probelm

libra_ali786 asked
I have a issue on exchange 2010 with sp1 installed. I enable Journal on one of database , i am getting  the delivered receipts in MBs. i have a limit to send and revived email maximum 10 MB.
some time i am getting the 23 MB delivered receipts. How to resolve the issue? it is only happing in journal mailbox and the originator only get the 9 KB delivery receipts.
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i am very  confused and not very sure the above RU5 will solve the issue. Because i not installed any RU1 --- RU4 , it is recommended to installed RU1 to RU5 ? is this only RU issue or something else? i installed exchange on Sep 2011 i never got any single issue . but lat few days back i sea that problem.


i am not satisfied

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