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Tethering Suggestions - Verizon

andrew5499 asked
I am ready to upgrade my phone. I need to be able to tether the phone so I can use for internet access via my PC.Also both OS - Windows XP and 7
I have Verizon account and seeking suggestions. I guess best option is a android phone.
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Yes, that would be your best option in my book. I have a Droid Incredible and it is literally the best phone I've ever had. I have had numerous iPhones, Blackberry's, and Smartphones and this phone hands down is a drastic upgrade from my old iPhone 3GS.

In regards to tethering, you have a few options as I'm sure you are aware. You can get an aircard if you want simply to get internet on one device. (The downside of this, which is what makes tethering so handy) is that I found Verizon to be constantly changing their software, and the aircard to be rendered useless when I needed it most)

With any of the newer phones, you will be able to use them as a "wireless hotspot" allowing up to 5 connections. This is much more helpful than having it available to only one device. The other benefit is there are no extra items to keep track of. A potential downside to that is battery usage.

Anyways, there are a great number of phones out with Verizon that I think will suit you well. I would really recommend the newer version of my phone, the HTC Incredible 2, the Motorola Bionic, and then the iPhone 4. (In no particular order) All of these phones are great and I'm sure you will be happy with any of them.

Best of luck! If you have any other thoughts or questions on this, feel free to reply and I'll help as I can.

Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer
I have had two android phones.... the original Droid and currently the Droid 2 Global. I have rooted both and installed wireless tethering which allows you to connect to your droid wirelessly with configurable SSID and security. It is not the premium add on service that Verizon provides. I can connect as many devices as my bandwidth permits.

To get Wireless Tethering, you have to use an alternative market like AppWorld or something.

Since it is basically Wireless-G networking, any capable device can connect to it. My son even connects to it with his iPod Touch while we are in the car. :)


Which phone would be best via USB connection from a desktop.?

Just do not feel like installing a wireless card in my desktop.
I've had good luck with my Incredible. It's easy to.connect but.to be honest, it should be about the same across the Droid devices. I would suggest the next step to go.to a store and determine which you like best as a phone. You may look to see if you really want a physical keyboard if you do a lot of email or texting but that said, the new phones are all pretty good across the board.
do not need a wireless card in your desktop.  you can use Bluetooth.  if you do not have it meritline.com sells USB Bluetooth adapters for under 10 bucks.  I have the driod 2 global with a usb docking station so I can charge it and connect it to my desktop just by placing it in the docking station.  I do not have to connect any cables as the dock is always connected and the droid just lifts in and out of the cradle.  
If you are getting a new droid Fist thing you need to decide is: do you want a keyboard or not. personally I can not use the on screen keyboard that is why I went with the Droid 2.  My daughter love the on screen and went with the Samsung. Go to the local Verizon store and try them both and then decide which you like the best.

Also, If you are going to tether a lot I would not recommend "rooting" the phone.  Go with Verizon connect.    I have rooted my phone because I only occasionally tether but if you use it a lot and Verizon figures you have rooted it they can shutdown your account.
chris_martin62Desktop Systems Analyst
if have the Motorola Droid X works great for what you want to do you can use the usb cable or you can use the 3G wifi. Just remember that Verizon not charges for data and you only get like 2Gbs or 5Gbs depending on your plan.


thanks to you all.

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